Editing and Crafts

5 11 2008

It’s only Wednesday but I have embarked on two new endeavors this week. One of them is to try and get work doing editing for small papers, school papers, and other publications. I want to build up my portfolio so I have something tangible to present as proof and evidence of my work. The second is creating little hair clips. So far, so good on both.

I have a couple other things keeping me busy as well. One of them is all the stupid blogging I do. (kidding) Ok, I’m not kidding.

First and foremost though, I am looking for work. I sent in a resume yesterday for an Admin Asst./Editing job and today for reception at a Law Firm. I really want the Editing job because I think I will enjoy it more but honestly I am so bored lately, I’ll take either.

In other news, I really want to take a nap.



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