Oooh Google Chrome!

10 11 2008

I downloaded Google Chrome this morning.  It’s Google’s browser.  So far so good.  I like the way it looks like it’s clean and simple but then there is alllll this stuff you can do with it.  What would normally be the address bar is now combined to also function as the search bar and it gives suggestions as you type, so you don’t even normally need to type out the entire search subject. 

I was able to import my entire library of bookmarks, saved passwords, etc from firefox.  I really loved firefox and I feel like I’m being unloyal to it but honestly, I want to stay on the cutting edge.  I will say that it’s likely that I will end up using both but I like the look of Chrome better right now.
You can always uninstall a browser if you don’t like it so I would recommend you download and use google chrome for at least a day and see how you like it. Personally, I’m already impressed.



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