14 11 2008

Let me start by saying first that I realize there is very little about me on this page yet.  I realize that I am hard to know.  However, I want people to know about me.  The best thing you can know about me when trying to get to know me is that at first, I will try to be your friend.  Then, when you try to be my friend, I will not want to befriend you.  I’m not sure what this is called or why I even do it.  I think it is my way of protecting myself from the world, from bad people, and keeping control.  I like to have the ball in my court.  Furthermore, if you succeed in getting to know me as a person a little more, you will realize that if you’re weak and you always let me have the ball in my court, I will start to hate you.  

I surround myself with driven, successful people.  People who have no problem admitting to me that my shoes are ugly, that I have bad hair today, or saying “what are you wearing?” in the most endearing way possible.  I prefer my friends to be in touch with new technology, but I want them to recycle.  I want them to embrace pink hair or a mohawk once in a while.  Please have a sense of humor… any humor will do, so long as you can act right in public.  My friends are well-mannered, but they have no problem drinking too much and getting fucked up here and then.  They love me like I’m their sister and protect me from a bad situation, and I will do the same for them.  They will not start fights, but should someone else start one, they better know how to finish it.  I don’t care if that means knocking someone out cuz they are outta control, or simply pulling them away by their collar or hair.  Just don’t stand there and watch, and god forbid, don’t encourage it to keep on. 
My female friends appreciate my makeup collection, my “I don’t care how I look today” attitude, my sometimes eccentric taste in shoes.  The aren’t catty.  They won’t talk shit behind my back, and if they do, they can tell that I know because I will not return their calls or texts, or myspace messages, etc etc.  They know that if they don’t respect ME, then I can’t respect them, and that they obviously don’t respect themselves either.  My friends respect themselves.  They help me enjoy my margaritas… 
My male friends love my ability to hold my own, that I will hit them when they say something outta line, even, and especially when they didn’t mean it.  They know I can drink them under the table, that I can be a bitch, and that I will threaten to hurt a bitch who isn’t nice to them.  Even if it was their own fault.  I know that they will hold me up if I get too drunk but they will look down my shirt like creeps anyway… I will think it’s gross but won’t stop them cuz I know it could be worse.   We can go have a drink or go bowling, or play mini-golf, or see a movie, or just hang out and have some drinks, did I mention that already?
I am confident, strong, hard-headed, forgiving, social, open-minded, fun, hyper, calm, all at once.  I like what I like and if you don’t try to change that and you share with me what you like, I will almost never fault you for it.  I won’t say I like all people.  I don’t.  I don’t like a LOT of people, actually.  Somehow I got this variety of friends who are in many ways so NOT like eachother, or myself.  That is why I love them.  I appreciate diversity.  I like their contrasting style, their distinct laughs, their strange makeup, huge hair, no hair, shortness, tallness, egos, shyness, obnoxiousness… everything.  I identify with every one of them in different ways.  I’m versatile like that.  
Things to know… never ever cross me.  You will learn to hate me fast, you will wish you never did and I will never let you forget it.  Never ever judge me, by doing so you will cause me to help you recognize your every flaw.  You have flaws.  If you act perfect, I will laugh at you on the inside.  If you say it, I will laugh at you aloud.  
Basically, if you take the time to know me first, you will find I’m worth knowing.  If you are a douchebag, please don’t bother.  If you are a chauvanist, keep on walking because I won’t even put up with you.  If you are a respectable grown-up who doesn’t mind putting down 1 or 5 drinks, let’s talk. 🙂



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