Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 Proposition 8

18 11 2008

Now, do NOT get me wrong, I am FOR gay marriage.  I admire the strength and the time that people of ALL sexual orientation are putting into the rallies/protests to overturn this proposition.  Furthermore, I support them.  This is why I was disappointed to see this on a friend’s MySpace profile.  It is one thing to fight for rights that should be EQUAL, but this is a whole other thing.  In fact, this was my comment verbatim “I think it’s hilarious and equally wrong that someone would discriminate against HOW a person chooses to wed. It is just as bad as discriminating against WHO a person chooses to wed. Shame on that.” 


I suppose that I think that if you are going on acting as if you are fighting for equality, then you know that there is some gay couple who would probably LOVE to go to Vegas, get drunk, and have a drive-thru wedding.  In addition, there is nothing wrong with that.  That is just fair and equal treatment if they are able to do it.  If a drive-thru wedding is any less sacred than a church wedding, beach wedding, or ANY other wedding, then who is discriminating NOW?  


In conclusion, I just want to say to anyone out there rallying to overturn Prop. 8, I hope you can make it happen but consider that you yourself may be just as judgmental in your thoughts, please do not let that get the better of you.  If you are going to represent equality, BE equal and fair.  You’re not the only ones being treated unfairly in this world, and your unfair isn’t necessarily as unfair or unequal as a LOT of other people’s in our world.


If you expect someone else to understand your concerns, and where you are coming from, you must first be able to do the same for them.  This goes for EVERYONE, not just people trying to overturn Prop. 8, but also the people who voted yes.




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