3 12 2008

  Today, whilst talking with the ex, I found out that a blog I had posted in reflection of how thankful I was to have a certain 3 friends had inadvertently offended one or more of my other friends.  In all honesty, the fact that this person went to HIM to tell HIM about it instead of to ME, makes me want to say “fuck it, you are just as much of a child as my 8 year old daughter”. This is a full grown adult who couldn’t man up and mention it to ME that he was offended or that “it works both ways” etc. Instead, he acted like a tattle-tale, and I have no respect for that. However, in finding this out, I still felt bad that I had hurt someone’s feelings, and I went and deleted ANY offending blogs from my myspace.  I know this doesn’t help NOW, since the damage is already done, but if I really meant to offend this person (and I’m not sure who exactly but I have it narrowed down to 3 possible people, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of them), then I would have made it more clear.

Anyway, all offending blogs will now be HERE since nobody really knows I post here.  Nothing will change, there aren’t even any offensive blogs, but I know nobody who would be offended by my appreciation for certain OTHER friends reads this blog.  Fucking jealous people, can’t even appreciate that I appreciate my friends. Shit.



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