15 12 2008

It’s supposed to snow here in Joshua Tree tonight.  It was supposed to snow this morning at 7am according to the weather man and I was dumb to listen and get my hopes up.  I have never been to the snow, seen snow, seen it snow, etc.  I am incredibly anxious!  Furthermore, I think posting pics of Joshua Trees and cactus covered in snow would be visually appealing onmy blog.  lol  I really do have sort of an obsession with visual appearance when it comes to web sites and ads and things of the like.  Not so much, people.  I like people to look all different way from lazy and bummy and unkempt to polished, clean, and neat.  

On a completely different note, I have finally admitted to myself that, yes, I like Paramore.  I wanted so much to hate that band.  I just like them… her voice and her hair are great, the songs hit a soft spot (some of them, anyway) and I just won’t deny it anymore.  I’m not going to become a groupie or anything, that’s just not my style, but I do like them.  
Two other things;  I bought Sweet Strawberry scented Teen Spirit deo and I love that, and my fish tank needs to be cleaned.  Blech.  Also, I’m going to dye my hair again this week so it’s all dark brown almost black instead of dark-medium brown with black tips which I feel doesn’t suit me.  🙂  
That’s all.



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