15 01 2009

I only have a couple things to say, just a couple things that come to mind. I just saw a picture that made me laugh because the person in the pic always strives to be so skinny. I’m secretly glad you look chubby in your pic cuz you are not good to yourself, and starving is no way to stay pretty. Being thin by starvation makes your face look old and when you stop starving you gain weight like crazy, and it looks like you are realizing that. Also, we are not what we own. I am surely proud of all that I own because I worked my ass off for every bit of it, however, if I lost it all tomorrow, it would just be “stuff”. It doesn’t define me.

In other news, Maya and I got food poisoning late Sunday night and we’re both finally over it today. Three days later. I hope to never have to do that again. Sorry if I sounded mean, but sometimes things just have to be said and better they be said here in a blog than in person because in reality, it’s just a thought, not a feeling I judge this person as a friend by. It has relevance and meaning, but it’s minuscule and irrelevant compared.




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