17 01 2009

Looking through a VERY old blog, I was reminded how I used to weigh 130 lbs.  Here was my formula… I thought I was a genius.  Maybe I was, I mean, I maintained a healthy weight for YEARS.  

Multipy goal weight (or current weight, if you want to maintain) by 10 to get your daily calorie intake:
ie. 130×10=1300 calories
Then, subtract your weight (current to maintain, or goal to lose) from that total:
ie. 1300(calories)-130(lbs)=1170 calories
IMPORTANT!  If you workout or get out of the house and do walking, or ANYTHING for more than an hour, then you consume the first total that day, so 1300 calories.
If you stay at home, in the office, or generally don’t workout, you consume the lower amt that day.  
This isn’t a “diet” or anything… it’s just what I used to do when I was younger (and healthier, and at a more appropriate weight)
Also, this doesn’t work if you’re eating 1170 calories worth of mtn dew and candy per day, k?  Don’t be stupid! hehehe  I am gonna try this and see if anything happens.  Maybe it was just all in my head, I used to have really great metabolism, I was 21 and had had a kid at age 19 so I was a mom and still maintaining this weight, but I was young.
I dunno, I just thought I’d share cuz I thought a) it used to work and I totally forgot about it and b) wow I was skinny. haha Now I’m not.  So f that, I’m gonna work on it.  🙂 



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