17 01 2009

Stuff I used to do on the job.  This newsletter, for example… http://cellblockage.livejournal.com/  I used to send it to a very select few of my co-workers.  I would literally get to work, do this in all my spare time and have it emailed to them by lunch time almost daily.  I eventually (at Volume 14) created them a Live Journal account and began posting them there as well.  So there they are, Volumes 14-52 (minus one for sure, maybe one more, that went missing), in all their glory.  Go read them.  They are semi-interesting and sometimes funny.  And proof that I have been a blogger for life, lol.  Before that, I had another (personal) Live Journal account and before THAT, I was not blooging but keeping a journal… imagine that.  Back in the olden days, a REAL pen and paper type journal.  haha  

FYI I feel sooooo much better tonight than I have the past 3 days, moodwise.  



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