18 01 2009

Seriously.  Hydroxycut.  Get here.  

Today I had a very small appetite, it was very nice.  I hate when I think I’m super hungry and I eat like 2 to 3 times the amt. I would ACTUALLY need to be full.  I seriously hate it, not because I have issues with eating or anything, but because I hate that food coma feeling afterward.  lol  Food should be energy but more often than not it means I want a nap.  That is no good.  I hate the feeling I get.  I’m gonna try a new method to control it.  Portion control is important so I am going to try eating every meal at home from the same sized bowl or plate.  ie. if I have pasta, salad, cereal, oatmeal, soup, etc I will always use the same bowl that is about 1.5cups or if I have like chicken and veggies, I will use the same salad-size plate.  I am really determined to lose my extra weight this year.  Maybe I will log my progress with photos.  That idea terrifies me, but maybe that will keep me on track?  We’ll see.  🙂



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