18 01 2009

I keep having dreams about this girl I know, who I also know is a huge slut and does coke, and otherwise acts like she’s 19 and in college still but she’s not… and this guy I know who used to be awesome but is proving to be a douchebag.  It’s strange for me cuz I’m waking up thinking “WTF was THAT about?”  I need to think less of it, I think… mabye that’s what is bothering me, that I’m even trying to read into it and I’m dwelling on it.  I’ll try to occupy myself better, hehe.  I really just wanted to vent about that.  I have to work later, I should go back to sleep for a bit while I still can.  I hope everyone else’s Sunday is great, enjoy MLK Day, if you have it off… and then YAY! INAUGURATION! 🙂




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