19 01 2009

Today I got up at 7am because of a bad dream.  I got online and checked all my social sites and email like I always do, then I realized something was really bothering me, plus I was tired, so I went and back to bed to lie down for a while.  At 10a, I got out of bed, talked to a friend and was kind of a bitch, but I felt better after saying how I felt.  I got ready for work and found out my parents, and the car was gone.  I started to walk to work and got halfway there, then managed to get a ride the rest of the way.  It’s close, anyway.  I worked from 1130a until almost 4pm.  It was therapeutic, to be completely honest.  I finally got home about 30 mins ago, after going to walmart to get some new loungy pants and a new black zipper hoodie (so comfy).  

So I was thinking all day about how I felt bad that I was kind of bitchy earlier, and decided that I’m sorry and I am going to apologize next time I speak to them.  I wasn’t actually mean but I just kind of let them know how I feel about certain things going on, and I realize that I came off bad and I really don’t think it was right.  Anyway, I know I’m being vague, but that’s cuz it’s not your business, haha Not to be rude.  It’s just not.  Certain things I hold dear and keep personal, and this is one of them.  So, like I said, I owe someone an apology at least to let them know I was in the wrong, but I’m not sure it can be fixed.  I still feel how I feel but I don’t think I was in the right mood to go into it at the time and could have handled it more maturely.  I’m not perfect.
On another note, I really think it did me some good to get out of the house for so long today, get my mind off of things and socialize with people who I’m cool with.  Met someone new, which was cool, too… I have faith in the fact that there are SOME locals who are not as unlike me as I think once I talk to them.  
One more thing.  I made bad time this morning and didn’t eat.  I was only supposed to work about 2 hrs but volunteered to do more and stayed til almost 4, then got a NOS drink and had that.  By the time we got dinner it was 630pm and I hadn’t eaten anything yet, so I had two slices of pizza and said “I should have stopped at 2 slices” cuz I was full.  Then I realized I hadn’t had 3 slices like I thought (I had only two crusts on my plate, that’s how I know I only had 2. hehe).  So I guess I should have stopped at one slice. lol   I’m surprised I wasn’t starving. 
Alright, that’s enough for today… I sincerely hope I can resolve what I did this morning.  🙂



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