21 01 2009

Alright, it’s official.  Tomorrow marks the start of my hardcore, rad, most awesomest ever diet.  HAHAHA  

Goal Weight: 145lbs  
Timeline:  This calculator tells me that if I lose 2 lbs per week, I can be at my goal weight by May 29, 2009.  That’s a nice safe weekly goal, too… and who knows, maybe I will lose more than that in my first couple weeks because that tends to happen anyway.  Here is the calculator link in case you want to check it out, too: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/weight_loss_calculator.htm?txtWeight=182&weighttype=P&txtLose=145&txtDeficit=500
This is how I will keep track:  I am going to post ever couple days or so, whenever I would normally post.  I will weigh myself, then I will post at the top of the post like this:
How I feel today-Today I feel motivated!  I will not be discussing in depth what I do daily for my weight loss routine, but mainly I will be cutting calories, adding tons of water and fluids, and taking Hydroxycut Max! for energy… 
I will repost this in a blog all it’s own, as well, to mark the official start since it’s technically tomorrow now.
I will try to remember to post weekly pics in the same outfit each week so when I look back I can judge my progress.  I am not all that info posting body pics but I feel like it will keep me on track and I will be glad I did when I can look back and see my progress.
Alright… here goes nothin!



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