21 01 2009

I want a new, fancy scale.  My scale is boring, the only two special things about it are that it is digital (not fancy) and it that it gives me my .4lbs (thanks, asshole LOL jk) I might have to change my goal weight to 144.6 instead of 145 lol jk

Anyway, so yeah… I dunno.  I feel kinda yucky today.  think I’m gonna go back to bed. I stayed up til 2:30am, woke up at 7:12am. No bueno.  I have been sleeping so shitty for a week now, and I have lost my appetite, too.  I think I’m just really stressed out or depressed or something, not sure.  I haven’t gone above 800 cals a day in a week and I know for sure that the past 3 days, I only consumed around 500… it’s crazy.  I just go to the kitchen to get food and I come back with nothing cuz I’m not actually hungry.
Srsly though, I’m going to go lie down and be lazy for a bit. 🙂



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