22 01 2009
This is an edit because I decided I will record my exact weight including oz’s and I mis-posted yesterday as 182 but it was actually 184.4.  ALSO, I want to include my start weight on each post. 
Start Weight: 184.4
Remaining-(original from start weight was 39.4)  37
So today I started the Hydroxycut Max! (made specifically for women) and so far so good.  I like that it hasn’t made me feel jittery or speedy, I also managed to take one, then take a nice long nap.  We’ll see how it is when I up the dose, though.  I have to take 1 capsule 2x’s a day for days 1-3, then up to 2 caps 2x’s a day for days 4-7, then starting day 8, I’m supposed to up the dose to 3 caps 2x’s daily from there on.  
I don’t think the fact that I haven’t been hungry yet today is related to the pills, though it COULD be.  I haven’t eaten much since last Thursday or so, which I attribute to having just gotten over food poisoning.  I have been eating small meals here and there which have been fewer calories than I should be eating to maintain a healthy diet.  I’m not that worried about it cuz I normally have a really healthy (hence the 184.4 starting weight) appetite. lol I still haven’t eaten yet today, not by choice.  I have been to the kitchen about 3 times today but each time walked away without food because I’m really just not hungry.  I will be eating dinner whether I’m hungry or not.  I need at least SOMETHING in my stomach, I don’t want to throw off my metabolism, I’d like to stay healthy at least. 🙂
I want to give a little info about myself right now for the purpose of reflection for myself as well as so anyone who doesn’t know me, will have a little insight into my world of weight loss, haha jk  First of all, I have this “how did I get here” issue about my starting weight.  I recently got out of a 5 year relationship in which he and I together became major foodies, trying new spots, searching for the greatest food, not really paying TOO much attention to our weight.  He gained.  I gained.  Before him, and actually in the first couple yrs, I worked out a bit here and there and payed general attention to my weight and tried to remedy any weight gain.  When we started dating, I weighed 145.  That, over the course of the 5 years, is a LOT of weight to gain (at least I think so).  My goal is never to be SKINNY skinny, but yet, at a relatively healthy weight for my size, and still remain sorta curvy, cuz I don’t like to look like I have no ass or curves.  Also,  I have big boobs, so it makes more sense for me to be curvy as it makes me look proportionate. 
So, with that said, I normally gain and lose weight in a mostly proportionate way, staying thinner in the waist, however, I get belly fat.  I’m not totally obsessed with having a flat belly though, I would just like pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses to fit me better.  It’s hard enough trying to find a top that fits right without having to worry about my bottoms too.  
To give you an idea,  here is a pic of when I was 140lbs I’m 5’6″: 

I was 22 in that picture, so that was 6 years ago, and I maintained that weight/size until I was about 25.  Then I gradually put on more and more weight.  So, my goal is to look similar to that again.  
Alright, well I think that’s enough rambling for one post.  Any questions… please ask! 🙂



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