22 01 2009

I just realized that I don’t want to forget what my starting measurments/sizes are, so I took my measurements in the places I could think to do so.

Natural Waist (at smallest part) – 36″
Hips (at actual hip bones) – 44″
Chest (at fullest part) – 45″ 
Stomach (aka GUT, haha jk Fullest part of my stomach between NW and Hips) – 44″
Upper Arm (halfway between shoulder and elbow) – 13″
Upper Thigh (Just under butt, highest I could get and largest spot) – 25″
Butt (at fullest part) – 43″
Neck (not sure why I did this, but I did… I know necks get skinnier hehe) – 15″
I can’t think of anywhere else to measure that I actually care about.  I really don’t even care about measurements right now but it will be nice to look back and see how I’ve shrunk, I think.
It’s nice to know I’m semi-proportionate with my hip and chest measurements, but it kinda sucks that my stomach measurement is so close to those, too.  It’s strange cuz if I look in the mirror, my waist curves in dramatically at the sides but when I turn sideways, I look like I have a beer belly.  Not cool… 
I am not unhappy with my butt, hip, and chest measurements because they are at their FULLEST spots, if I could only shrink my arms and natural waist and keep the rest I would be ok with that, haha. 
Alright, well this one was mostly for me but enjoy!



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