23 01 2009

HW 189

ST 184.4
CW 180
GW 145
There it is, the proof is in the puddin… 4.4lbs down THIS WEEK!  NICE… I only hope it can continue!  I am working HARD.
This is how much energy I have today though… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnFiqRiZh1s&NR=1
So I’m really REALLY excited about my progress this week.. I signed up to take a Salsa Aerobics class next Wednesday at Instant Karma Yoga Studio up the street.  Should be fun!  I dunon wtf I’m doing but I thought it would be fun anyway, haha.  🙂 YAY!
Ok that’s it for now… I will be SO excited when I hit the 170’s!



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