25 01 2009

HW 189

SW 184.4
CW 179.0
GW 145
I just woke up from a 3 hr nap (3-6pm) and I honestly don’t feel good.  I ate a “meal” from a mexican mom & pop joint and and it was too much food.  It was just the inside of a taco (carne asada, tiny bit of lettuce) and a mini-quesedilla (5″ tortilla folded in half).  I feel sick.  I literally feel like it was the WRONG thing to eat after all the healthy small meals I ate all week.  I am not going to make that mistake again.
Anyway.  Despite not feeling good, I am down to 179 from 179.6.  Not a huge change but considering I at that heavy food, I’m not gonna be too bummed about it.
Maya is at her dad’s today til tomorrow evening, so I’m kinda bored.  Nobody is even here at home which is fine but I’m just out of things to do, plus I have no money to go out if I COULD.  I don’t feel like blogging either.  I think I over-blogged earlier in the week.  LOL  
Ugh ok, I will post more later, I’m going to go update my weight loss ticker and graph for now.



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