25 01 2009
Well I was gonna post a couple body pics, but chickened out. I have the pics but I’m not ready to post them yet, hehe. Anyway, here are a couple face pics.  I think you can tell in the 5th pic down that my face has thinned out a LITTLE since my full-body shot (I included this again below for reference along with another pic from the same night).  You be the judge.  🙂
My friend and I at the bar (best place for a diet? No. But still fun… I don’t sacrifice FUN for a diet, sorry)

Frontal Face Pic (12/08)PBR Tall Can, not so great for a diet either, next time, PBR LIGHT!:
Frontal Pic (12/08):

Side View:

Front View:
My Classic Front-Side Tilted Pose (lol):
In the 12/08 pics I’m drinking so look how fricken pink my face is!  Plus today I’m wearing mineral makeup, my skin looks a bit more glowy.  Not sure if it’s the makeup or the healthy diet.  Either way, I feel like my face looks a bit less fat. lol



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