26 01 2009

Ick I ate at the Steak and baked potato place today… I dunno wtf it’s called but I BET you that shit was like 1000 calories.  I feel sick.  I should NOT eat fast food.  I feel better when I just eat nothing and have hunger pangs than when I eat fast food.  Grease and my stomach are SO not friends.

I am going to flood myself with water til bedtime. lol  I’m about to check the nutritional info for this sammich I had. *Pause* AAAAAHHH 963 cals 519 from fat WHAT THE FUCK!?  PLUS I ate some fries and had a mtn dew.  I am gonna have to do a TON of running this week.  Good thing I’m taking that Salsa Aerobics class! HOLY SHIT! hahaha
Ok… well not wonder I feel sick right now.  Oh well.  Next time I’ll know NEVER TO EAT THERE AGAIN!



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