26 01 2009

I need to do something today.  I’m not ready to weigh myself yet after all that terrible food I ate yesterday.  I really shouldn’t be so bummed about it since I did spectacular for a full week before hand and lost 5lbs but I am.  I get that way, like the one bite of the 963 calorie sandwich failed me and I’m back at square one.  I know I’m not but I will have to be more careful in the future.  

Anyway, I think I’m gonna look for my running tank top and do some running in place and jumping jacks in here (it’s chilly outside) hehe
I am looking up information on running in place to see if I can find out how many cals you burn per 30 mins or so, and info from people who do it or have done it, cuz I like to look up info like that, haha I like to find info about anything really…

running in place will certainly prove to maintain a WEIGHT LOSS. i began running in place at a size 13// i am now a 7/8; consequently, i had to purchase new clothing. i literally ran in place while veiwing television, and modified my diet by illiminating sugar, flour, and salt. i ran in place 30-40 minutes every day. 


So yeah, maybe instead of sitting her on my ass writing blogs, I will go do that. hehe



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