26 01 2009

Today I found out something I already knew but thought I could disregard.  Some girls can’t be trusted.  

One “friend”, instead of talking to me first, spread drama and possibly ruined a friendship with someone I have know for over 10 years.
I’m sorry people have to be so self-serving that they feel it’s their right to share private information.  This all began with personal information that was meant for myself and one other person, solely as a means to gain perspective on the issue.  In NO way was it meant to hurt anyone.  It did.  It hurt my friend, and it hurt me.  In conclusion, it hurt and possibly ruined our friendship.
I hope this “friend” will think twice next time before they open their mouth.  The rest will come in the form of karma, I’m sure.  I’m really sorry I can’t trust my friends right now because of this but I won’t be sharing how I feel about much anymore.



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