27 01 2009

HW 189

SW 184.4
CW 178.0
GW 145
Have I hit plateu already?  No.  I am pretty sure that the 963 calorie sandwich threw me off though.  I ran a bit yesterday but I really need to run more today.  
I have been having a really bad week (yes, already) so I’m pretty sure it’s getting to me because I really feel like just not eating, and sleeping all day.  I have had the same cup on my desk since last Wednesday that I keep filling with iced water as soon as I finish, so I know I’m at least getting my hydration in, which is a HUGE chnage from my normal day.  I usually drink one tall cup of fluids a day.  That’s it.  I’m just not a super thirsty person I guess… and it’s really unhealthy to do that.  Once I went to the ER because I had ulcers that were really painful and they had to hook me up to fluids cuz I was so dehydrated.  I didn’t learn my lesson til now (that was 2 yrs ago).  So now I have made a habit of the water.
Well yesterday was a really depressing day for me, I don’t want to talk about it any more but I DO want to say that I’m going to try and dwell on the positive things in my life instead.  I may come off like I don’t care about the negative, but I really do… I just don’t think it’s a healthy situation for me to sit here and think about all day.
SO… with that said, on February 3rd-5th I’m going on a mini-vacation to Morongo Hotel/Casino with a friend or two.  Should be fun!  It’s going to be a much-needed getaway.  I need to get away from this house, this desk, this computer and all that comes with it.  🙂  AND… hopefully I will have lost some more weight by then, too.  That will add some positivity to my day! 



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