29 01 2009

I did a lot today.  I am super tired so this is gonna be brief.

This is in chronological order but is in no way all-inclusive:
Woke up
Felt sick
Had a sugar free orange lifesaver
Felt better
Ran during almost every commercial I watched today (ALMOST… not EVERY)
Walked downtown with Maya at 4pm
Walked around for an hour til Salsa Aerobics started at 5pm
Danced my ass off til 630pm
Walked home
Got home at 7pm
Ate dinner
Realized my knee feels like it’s leaking inside
There ya go… I had a large plate of meat, beans, and cheese for dinner.  I over-ate a little and feel a bit full but not binged out.  I want to sleep. It’s only 730p



One response

29 01 2009
Scale Junkie

So glad your day turned around! Hope your knees feel better.

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