30 01 2009

My knee is better today for sure but my legs are still sore otherwise… I like that.  To me, it makes me feel like I worked hard, and I think I did even if I didn’t feel like it at the time.  Today I did NOTHING.  I was literally lazier and ate worse than I have in weeks.  It’s a shame.  Tomorrow I promise myself, and you guys,  that I will get my ass back in gear.  

I have to work tomorrow, possibly Sat. and definitely Sun. so since I’m cleaning three or more houses, that will be a nice mini-workout.  I will also do my best to get some walking and probably a jog in as well.
Right now I feel like I’ve been slackin on my blog but honestly, I’m pretty tired so again, I’m gonna cut this run-on sentence short and get to bed. 



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