23 03 2009

I would like to welcome myself back (again) to my own blog. I realize I’m a slacker but at the same time I realize that, I also realize that I have other things I’ve been busy with as well. And that is good. Well, I just felt like posting tonight cuz I feel good. I have been feeling good, actually. But today I feel even better, thanks to a certain someone. Ya know, it just sometimes works out that way, that another person can do nothing but still make you feel good. So I big thanks to him. 🙂

There isn’t much new in my life. I have been taking a lot of pictures. I have decided it’s time to get a new digital camera. Reason one, I can’t find my old one. I feel like my ex might have it and just hasn’t found it yet, or that I left it somewhere, but the last time I saw it was on “my” nightstand at his house. That was MANY months ago. I have since given up on finding it because even if it is here, in some unseen place (and trust me, I have looked EVERYWHERE, even in places it could NOT be) it is getting old and would probably be time to upgrade to some higher MPs and such. It was only about 2 years old, and I REALLY liked it, but sadly, it’s gone. I hate to lose things. Especially when I know exactly when I used it, what video I took on it (and yes, I remember because it was memorable at the time) and I remember exactly where I put it. And then I never saw it again. I have a hard time letting things like that go. It was mine, I worked for the money I used to buy it, I am responsible with my technological devices, and I am disappointed that somehow it became a missing object in my past. lol

Ok, I took that a step and a half too far, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like they lost their child in a Target store when they lose things they love and try to take care of.

Alright… enough of that. I went shopping yesterday and I picked up a new Febreze Air Refresher spray. You probably don’t know this about me but I have a fascination with scents. I don’t like things to always smell the same. I hate when you walk into someone’s home and you expect it to smell like vanilla because that’s what it always smells like. I detest that. I really do. I like to have vanilla for a month, then some hawaiian breeze, then clean linen, then, then, then… hehe jk Ok so anyway, I got a new scent called Moroccan Bazaar. I didn’t even test smell it first, and I got home and sprayed it in my room and OMFG it’s great! It’s described as “Inspired by the fragrance of fresh-ground ginger that fills the air in the spice markets of Casablanca”. It doesn’t smell like ginger spice that you would use to cook with. It smells exotic and different, and really good! I am tempted to buy the wall plug in and the candle and whatever else I can find. lol I won’t, though.

Ok, so an entire paragraph about scents? Yeah, I can do that. I smell everything. Almost everything, I should say. If I know you just took your shoe off, I’m not gonna take a deep breath or pick up your shoe and sniff. That’s so wrong. But I smell my food, I smell strange things, too, like brand new flip-flops made of EVA foam, or the inside of the box my brand new electronic gadget came in. Or gasoline, not from the pump or anything but I like the smell of gasoline. I’m not the only one. Probably not the healthiest fumes to take a whiff of, but whatever. lol I will smell any new food before I taste it and some old foods too, even though I know exactly what they smell AND taste like. lol Call me weird, I don’t care.

So seriously… two paragraphs on smells? Yes. I’m done though. I got 4 new pens, Papermate Profile 1.4mm BOLD Extra Smooth. “World’s Smoothest Pen” is what the pkg said. Is it? I don’t think so, but it’s still a decent pen. It came in a 4 pack with different colored inks. Magenta, Emerald Green, Orange, and a nice almost teal blue. I have been finding reasons to use them. LOTS of reasons! lol I ❤ to write but I don't always find a reason to cuz I type everything. Speaking of which, did you know that typing makes your handwriting TERRIBLE, over time? So make sure you write, write, write to your little heart's content of you will write like a dang doctor. lol

Ok I gotta quit for now, Maya is sick and I gotta make sure she calls her dad tonight, too. 🙂




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