25 03 2009

I am going to end up doing all the things I said I would never do, I just know it. I said I would never date a guy with a kid but I might consider it. I also said I don’t date white guys, I did… and I might again. (No offense, white dudes… lol)I said I would never get married… but who knows what’s in the future, right? Pretty much everything I said I’d never do, I have done or reconsidered. I just go with the flow, ya know? hehe

I have started talking to this guy, he’s really nice, which I already knew. But he’s really nice to ME, which I kinda knew would happen but I’m surprised by it at the same time. He is flirtatious with me, then he compliments me, then we talk about our kids and stuff, and he acts like a respectful, responsible adult and dad. It’s good.

There aren’t many guys I know that I can say that about, even if they don’t have kids, I can’t see them acting that way if they did. I used to think my ex had respect but honestly, he really didn’t. He had a fear of his elders is what he had. He was nice to me, but I always got the feeling that it was because he was just anti-confrontational. And he was a huge pushover who let people walk all over him. I never really got that, and I’m not like that so I couldn’t really respect that about him.

Anyway, it’s good to know there are guys out there who can take care of their shit and NOT be a pushover or a wimpy guy, and who can still be respectful, compliment you like you should be complimented, and go out with you and have fun when it’s time to.

All around good? Hmm… must be something wrong, cuz I’m a skeptic. We’ll see. I’m hoping it’s something minor. lol jk I’m not gonna hunt for something wrong, I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy all of this. šŸ™‚ It’s good!



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