9 04 2009


So, two of my friends and I started a weight loss challenge on Tuesday. The winner gets $50.00 ($25.00 from each of the “losers”). The winner will be the girl who loses the MOST weight between 4/7/09 & 5/30/09. I’m hoping for at least a 20 lbs loss but we’ll see.

So, I recorded everyone’s start weights on Monday night, and we will record our weights weekly on Tuesdays from now until May 30th. I hope I win, and not just for the money, but I’d really like to be more bikini ready for summer. I secretly hope I lose boobs too… bathing suits and bras are much easier to find when you’re not overflowing out of an F CUP!! (I fucking hate you sometimes, huge boobs of mine, lol)

Oh and that’s another thing. I went to http://www.herroom.com and ordered a 40F bra. I got it in the mail, SURE it was gonna fit, maybe even be slightly too big. I got it. The band could have been a 38 but 40 was fine on the tightest hook, and the cup should have been the next size up, which I think is G for that brand (VaBien). SO, I spent $49.00 on a bra I can’t wear. I debated with myself whether or not to return it, but I think I’ll just keep it. I’m sure that at some point between now and 20lbs less, I will hit a point where a 40F will be ok. The bra is surprisingly comfy even though my cup runneth over. lol That almost never happens. Usually too small equals painful or soemthing.

Alright well back to the weight loss challenge. Right now I am using my Hydroxycut Max! (For women) and I had a glass of tea to wash it down. I have that “I’m hungry but if I eat I might puke” feeling in my stomach so I’m gonna have a slice of wheat bread with PB and see how that works out. I always have to remind myself to eat when I take HCut. But at least I know that.

At some point today I’m going to run, too. It will be good! I hope I win! 🙂



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