10 04 2009

Ok so I want to run but I feel gross cuz I haven’t showered today yet, so I kinda wanna shower but that makes no sense cuz I’ll have to shower AFTER cuz I’ll be sweaty maybe (I’m not a big “sweater” lol) I’m torn. LOL I know this is easy, just run THEN shower, but ick I feel yucky, my hair feels dirty. haha

So ANYWAY… It’s FRIDAY! Tomorrow I’m going to OC to hang out w/ family @ my gramma’s as our Easter celebration. It should be fun… ish. I mean, it’s still a family thing but it’s never bad or anything. 🙂 Well, AND Nathan is coming so I think that will make things more enjoyable. 🙂 And his son can play w/ the kids and waste some energy, hehe

Next weekend I’m going to Martha’s for a lil party, drinks, drinking games, music, fun, fun, & more fun. And Nathan again which is good… again. haha

OC THREE weeks in a row… wow. That’s a record. It’s gonna be a great 3 weeks. 🙂 Last weekend was really fun and I’m sure next will be even better.



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