14 04 2009

Joshua Tree is trying to off me. I am not entirely sure what it is that’s HERE, but something is here that I’m SO allergic to that I would almost rather not have eyes. I am congested, my eyes itch, get red, tear up, etc. Each of the past two weekends along with the 27.5 YEARS I spent in Anaheim and Orange County area, I never had an allergy so offensive that it actually affected my day. Today was so far the worst it’s been. To be fair, I am not complaining about something I could easily control with Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, allergy eye drops, or anything else. I have tried all of these. None seem to do more than help for 5-10 minutes then put me straight to sleep. [Note: All of these are non-drowsy, day-time type meds]

While falling asleep IS my idea of fun from time to time, it’s usually because I SHOULD be sleeping or because I’m actually TIRED. When I take these meds, I seem to crash out as if I had spent the past three days binge partying without sleep or something. I just can’t understand this whole process. I have even fallen asleep when I had taken THREE Hydroxycut Max!, had two iced coffees, and took a Zyrtec. I’m sure the combination alone is not healthy, but that’s how it was, and I STILL fell asleep.

It’s time to call up the doctor and see what can be done short of moving back to Anaheim STAT. I wish I could just pick up and move like that. If I had the cash to fund such an endeavor, I’d be gone. There is so much I love there, and nothing I can think of that I love HERE. Orange County is fighting to get me back and they will get their day but it can’t be RIGHT NOW, so something else needs to help between now and then. Any ideas?




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