22 04 2009

Ooh I’ve been neglecting this blog TOO much. I always always say that! I’m saying it again. I’ve been busy, I swear.

Last weekend was awesome. On Friday evening I gathered up all my junk, and Maya’s junk, and Maya, and headed to Orange County. I took her to her dad’s house then went to Martha’s to stay til Sunday. We hung out at her house, had some delicious homemade ceviche/chips and margaritas and Liz, Josh, and their kids Noah and Sadie came over to hang out. We (the adults) played Scene It! on 360 and drank and were merry, but not too merry. lol It was a nice chill night. 🙂

On Saturday, Martha & I got up and stayed in PJ’s watching movies almost all day. I never do that, but it was a welcome relaxation. Around almost 6pm, we FINALLY decided it was time to get decent and showered and got dressed up to go out. At almost 9p her brother and his friend showed up and the drinks started. A little bit later, Nathan showed up and we had more drinks before taking off to Fullerton for the REAL party.

Once in Fullerton, I swear we walked around for 40 minutes before we planted ourselves at Ziing’s which is a hip hop club type place. Not that many drinks were had but somehow we ended up trashed. They pour HEAVY there I guess. Once it was closing time, we left and got back to Martha’s house where her brother and his friend dropped us off. Martha, and Nathan and I went up to her apt. where Nathan proceeded to puke his face off for the next hour while I sat in the bathroom keeping him company, bringing him water, rubbing his back. haha I dunno why, but I’m just like that. Plus I guess I just really like him, so I didn’t mind it at all. I wouldn’t do that for a stranger. lol

So anyway, after all that, he found a spot on the floor next to the bed and I got him a pillow, got myself a pillow and laid down beside him. I remember falling asleep with my arm under his shirt cuz I was rubbing his back. I guess when he got up in the morning it was still in his shirt. lol He had to leave at like 6am to go home to his son but I didn’t get up until around 9a. It was the best sleep I had in like MONTHS! I wanna do that again, maybe in a bed, with more kissing and less (or no?) vomiting. lol The entire weekend was fun but Saturday night was the highlight so I feel like there is almost no need to tell you that I sat around in PJs til it was time to get ready, then picked up Maya, then drove 1.5 hours home.

This weekend is his birthday, so I’m going to OC Anaheim Saturday to celebrate… that will be fun, awesome, rad, dudical, tubular, whatever kinda stupid OC slang you can think of…that’s what it will be. lol 🙂

OK, I’m gonna stop being all lovey and smitten for half a second (or not) and go finish my French Press Coffee (mmmm’s!) and watch Law & Order if it’s on right now, which it should be.

I hope everyone’s weekend was as awesome as mine!




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