New Stylo

8 05 2009

Today was pretty much a do-nothing day. I have been dealing with lame allergies all day and didn’t feel all that great. On top of not feeling great, Sprint’s customer service mistake caught up and they turned of my phone til I can pay the bill (tomorrow, I think). They didn’t delete my alternate acct info like they said they did 6 months ago, then when I called to make a payment, I assumed that it wasn’t on file anymore, and they didn’t specify and just charged the bill to that account. SO yeah, it didn’t go through obviously cuz the account no longer exists. There was more to the story about how they couldn’t fix anything for 10 days and grr… I dunno, I was pissed last night cuz it went off, but I’m ok now. But I didn’t get to talk to Nathan today, and I kinda (really) like to do that. 😉

So yeah I got on here and was like “I need a new pic” so I changed it up just a tad w/ the pic. I feel like there is nothing to do without my phone. I really like being constantly connected but at the same time, I think I’m taking it a lot better than SOME people would.

Anyway, Theo’s (my brother) wedding is creeping up on me. It’s on May 30th. I ordered a dress online so it should be here in about a week. It’s pretty cute, and has black and different shades of green in a random abstract print. The greens will match the wedding colors, Maya’s dress, and Nathan’s tie. Sorry to anyone who is offended by people who match but I think it’s kinda cute to be matchies for events like weddings, pics, etc. 🙂 Whatever, it’s my domestic side. lol

Random thought — I need to and will actually try to start drinking more water. I AM in the desert, after all. I am on my third glass of the day right now.

I don’t know about you guys but I am the kind of person who NEEDS to be prepared. For example, I like to have two toothbrushes, extra deodorant, a spare pair of flip flops, more panties than I intend to wear, 3 extra outfits, etc. when I go on vacation or even sleepovers. I don’t even think it’s that I need to be prepared all the time, sometimes it’s just cuz I KNOW how I am, and what I think is cute today, is not gonna “feel” right tomorrow, or I will want to wear a different perfume, or I think “what if I drop my toothbrush on the ground next to the toilet?”. HAHA Do I sound like I have OCD? I don’t even care. I like it this way.

So the point in allll of that last paragraph was to say that I need to start planning what I want to pack for Laughlin (yes, I know it’s like 21 days away still!). I don’t want to forget anything I will NEED, ya know? 😉




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