Oh yeah…

8 05 2009

I think I have a severe and tragic addiction to blip.fm It’s gotten pretty bad, I get on a roll. I sit here and I think of one song and then I’m like “oh wait…that other song that the other band and the same show that played w/ RBF that one time…YES!” Then I go get THAT song. From there I’m like “ooh I’m gonna look up OC Ska bands!” So I do. Then I come up with like 3 or 4 bands I want to search, so I put in the first one (let’s just say Aquabats) then I find the ONE song I wanted by them but then WAIT! There is another great song! Now I have two songs by them, but I have remembered another song by a band that was there when I saw RBF play at Knott’s Berry farm when I was like 15 or 16. THEN I’m like “omg when I was 15 I saw Save Ferris play a charity even show in a hall at Disneyland Hotel, we were secretly invited cuz we looked like fun ska kids, even though we were totally under dressed for the party which was a cancer event where people were in gowns but shaving their hair off for cancer kids…it was cute. I almost did it. My mom would have been like WTF?! That was the start of me caring about charity.” So THEN I’m thinking, omg Save Ferris! And I think of Monique which for some reason reminds me of “Saw Red” by Sublime when Gwen Stefani sang… so I look for that but can’t find it. Sucks. On to the next band…The Specials. I blip Ghost Town, and then realize I need to stop cuz all of these are going to my twitter account and one person has commented to “Stoppit” SO I do.

Ahhh my life is hard. HAHAHA jk jk My brain alwasy works like this but it’s cuz I’m always thinkin about stuff to do and listen to and say and do, hehe I’m not a crazy person, I just have a very active thought process I guess. Ok… too much coffee this morning. 🙂




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