What a bummer

11 05 2009

I’m sitting here thinking to myself about random stuff when the thought crossed my mind that today I’m not in a very “happy” mood. Then I thought to myself “I wonder if I’m actually in a bad mood, or is it just cuz I don’t have my way?” I have to admit that in some instances I am a spoiled brat. I don’t really think this is a problem because it’s like this; I don’t have a job but I work my fucking ASS off to get one, putting out cover letters and resumes, sending follow-ups, getting no common courtesy replies, etc. I am so fucking OVER it. Today. Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be fine but I have been working my ass off to get a new job and relocate and nothing is working out. Even jobs I am perfect for don’t work out because I live so far. I think I need to start lying on my applications and interviews and just SAY I live in Anaheim or something. I don’t really know what else to do at this point, and I’m really frustrated with all of it. I am doing everything right. I have good interviews, etc. It’s just something and I really do think it’s that I live 2 hours from the jobs I want. Do they fucking understand the process of commuting, then relocating? Is that a problem for people? I am reliable. I will be IN THE DOOR 15 mins early every day, that’s how I am. I am not late, I don’t miss work for random reasons, I don’t say “It’s not MY job”, I take OT whenever it’s offered, etc.

Whatever though… I really just had to vent cuz I was ABOUT TO direct my frustration to someone completely undeserving. I’m glad I have a blog at times like this. šŸ˜‰




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