My Weekend — In A Flash

18 05 2009

Lately I have been embracing the weather aka sweltering heat and taken up tanning in the pool on a raft. It’s really nice to just lie there, splash water on myself to keep cool, talk with a friend about whatever random bs comes to mind, and sip on some iced tea. In fact, that is what I plan to do tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I will have a nice glowing golden tan by the end of the month, I think. It will be nice. Tans are slimming, anyway. lol

This weekend was long and relaxing, yet somehow still tiring. How is that possible? On Friday, Maya went to a little sleepover at her friend’s house so I hung out with a friend and just talked pretty much all night. That night, on the way into the house, my phone fell out of my pocket and the touch screen broke. It’s not cracked and has no visible damage but it no longer works. The volume won’t turn up, and it’s stuck on vibrate. I can rec’v texts, emails, and calls but I can’t answer any of them. Anyway, I ordered a new phone instead of paying $50 for insurance to replace it… the new phone was FREE. So yeah, I decided free was better. The phone is lacking a couple features that my high-tech smart phone has (had?) but I think I’ll be ok til it’s time for the next phone. Oh and FYI: This is the THIRD (3rd) phone I have had since June 2009!!!)

Yesterday I took Maya to Moreno Valley so she could go to her dad’s, then I came back home and later that night, I went out for a bit, then hung out here talking to a friend again. Not the most fun night ever, but still good. It was something to do rather than sitting at the computer all night. I guess I just needed a change of scenery this weekend…not to be stuck in my room.

Today I went back to MV to get Maya after my mom got her hair cut at the mall… it came out really cute, the girl took a lot of weight and bulk out of her hair and put a TON of layers into it. It lays so much nicer now. I kinda want her to chop my hair up too… but at the same time I dunno if I really trust just anyone to do it. lol I think I have a fear of letting just ANYONE do my hair. I have a loyalty to the highly trained professionals, not just your average stylist. Yeah whatever, I think I’m a hair snob but I just can’t afford to be… I still WANT to be. Instead, I just never get my hair cut. LOL

Ok, well it’s late and I should sleep a bit or something. I hope everyone’s weekend was as mediocre as mine. 🙂




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