You’ve been popped!

26 05 2009

It’s quite possible that I fractured my 2nd metacarpal but I am hoping it’s just a huge bruise, lots of swelling, and mild pain instead. πŸ™‚

So right now I’m sitting at my desk with a Ziploc half full of traditional trail mix that I added dried cranberries to, and a big glass of iced black coffee. I think this could quite possibly be THEE breakfast of champions. Yums. I have “Now Playing: TV On The Radio – Red Dress (THE GLITCH MOB Remix)” Also VERY good… I dunno, I’m just totally feelin this day for some reason.

Alright, well I have started my laundry and my packing for my weekend in Laughlin. My lil brother is getting MARRIED!!! WTF!? MARRIED! We’re leaving Friday and I am in charge of my cousin’s hair and the Bride’s makeup, on top of that, Maya is a flower girl so I have to make sure HER hair is done, and throw some light green shadow and a lip gloss on her, too… AND I have to make sure MY hair and makeup is done and that I’m dressed and ready. WOW! haha

I am such a weirdo about packing, I think it’s half the reason I aovid going places, honestly. It goes a little something like this:

4 days before departure – make a list and take inventory so I don’t forget ANYTHING! Result: overpacking

3 days before departure – start choosing outfits
Result: hating everything I own cuz it’s not cute enough, or “right” for where I’ll be going

2 days before departure – think about how I will fit all of this into one suitcase if I want to bring 3 prs of shoes
Result: mental instability sets in at this point causing me to self-negotiate on what I have already so carefully decided to bring with me so I don’t have to bring another smaller bag, too just so I can fit one more pr of shoes or a HUGE round brush, or my flat iron… all of which I will probably be having too much fun to even USE. πŸ™‚

1 day before departure – take inventory again. Make sure the important things are there such as deo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, makeup, face & eye creams, cleanser, lotion, hair products, floss, etc. I am a complete freak about being prepared when I’m not gonna be at home.
Result: this over-preparedness leads to me bringing things I could buy or don’t even need such as tampons when it’s not and will NOT be that time of the month, an extra toothbrush (what if mine falls on the hotel floor next to the toilet? hehe) TWO razors (I’m not sure why, but I always have two toothbrushes and two razors), then I remember I will need Q-tips… cuz I will, and I specifically bought a travel pack so I don’t have to buy any, so I will be REALLY pissed at myself if I forget that.

After that, and that was pretty much a brief explanation of the entire ordeal, you probably think I have OCD. I probably even think I do at this point. I will probably read that twice more so I can make sure it’s something normal people do. Maybe they don’t, I don’t know… but whatever.

Well I think I should leave it at that. Afterall, I have lists to make! lol You think I’m kidding…




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