Last Night

15 06 2009

Last night was fun. I hung out with a friend and saw The Taking of Pelham 123 which was a good movie. I sometimes get my hopes up for movies and I’m quickly let down but it really held my interest. I’m known for just crashing out if a movie can’t keep me involved and thinking, and I was up and running for this one. After the movie, we had a really late dinner and then got some Cuervo Gold and Pepsi (for some reason this has been my drink of choice the past month or so) and drank to our heart’s content. It was a really good night. I went to bed at almost 6a and woke up at around 830a which was really not enough sleep at ALL but meh, whatever. I totally cured the nagging feeling of going out and I kinda want to do it again NEXT weekend. If all things allow, I think I WILL.

At the start of the year I was really hating this place, but finding out that Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, etc are all within a sane driving distance and there are things to actually effing DO here and places to be that aren’t trashy looking or boring, is really helping me to adjust. I also think I may have FINALLY found the 5% of the population out here that aren’t shady, drug users, racist, weird, ignorant, and are actually cool to spend time with. AMAZING, right? lol

I rarely miss Anaheim anymore, there are a couple people I know and love there, but for the most part it seems to me that it’s superficial. It’s a sad realization but a 100% truthful statement.

I guess sometimes moving, learning new things, being with different people, and growing as a person is really much better than sheltering yourself in the same place you have always been, and with the same people. You get stuck in a sort of bubble and you forget that not everyone lives in your bubble, not everyone is like you, and that’s the glory of it.




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