I’ve Got To Get Along With You

22 06 2009

Are you ready for a long survey that actually has some new questions?
I was born ready.

Do you like boys or girls?
I like girls, but I “LIKE” boys 😉

Do you tend to fall for players?
Nope. None of the men I’m with have had game like that. I’m ok with that.

Will you have a bf/gf in 2 months?
I’m trying to stay single, actually…one of these guys would have to do something pretty spectacular to change my mind. hehe

Have you ever had a best friend?

What does the song you’re listening to remind you of?
I’m not listening to a song.

Last person you talked on the phone with?
My cousin Ryan. Going to Iraq in 6 months, 6 months later, could go to Afghanistan or come home. He drives a tank!

Did you have any unread text messages this morning when you woke up?
Yes I did. 🙂

Where was your default picture taken?
I don’t remember…

Name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
I really need more sleep. This weekend killed me and my black eye needs rest, lol.

Is there anybody you’re disappointed in right now?
Not really, no.

If you are being extremely quiet what does that mean?
I’m mad at you.

Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?

Are you happy?
I sure am!

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Do you want to get married?
I STILLLL haven’t decided. I would say yes, I probably will eventually, but if I don’t, I will be ok with that too. It’s not in my top 10 things to do in life or anything.

What were you doing at 1am this morning?

Who were you with Friday night?
Joe, his sister, her friend…moving. 🙂

ONE FACT: About the person you fell hardest for?
We still talk every so often but we haven’t been together in a long time. We’re on good terms.

WHAT: Happened at 9:00 am today?
I was struggling to stay asleep.

ARE YOU: Wearing something you borrowed from someone?

HAVE YOU MADE: A mistake this past week?
Nope. I’m like Mary Poppins, bitch! haha

DO YOU KNOW: Anyone with the same name as you?

WHEN WAS: The last time you really laughed?
Last night.

Have you ever broke a flipflop?
Yes, it only seems to happen when someone else steps on the back of your shoe. lol

Do you get sea sick?
NOOO Thank god, cuz I like to be ON A BOAT! 🙂

Email or voicemail?
Email cuz it goes to my phone (so does vm but I hate listening to them)

Do you buy blank cds?

Have you ever been involved in a high speed car chase?
HAHA Personally, no.

Who’s had their arm around you in the past seven days?
A couple people actually. I give hugs… lol

Do you own a skateboard?
No, but I rode one on Saturday.

Have you ever been a vegetarian?
Yessir. I like it.

On a daily basis, are you usually signed on to MSN for more than 4 hours?
Yes but I NEVER use it.

Do you like celery?
Mmmm YES!

Is there anything in your past that you’d like to try again?
Yes, there are quite a few things.

Will this weekend be a good one?
I hope so…

Where is your biological father right now?
At work.

Which shoe do you put on first?
Whichever is closer, haha

Do you think your life story would make a great movie?
Not really but we could embellish. i want someone rad to play me…

If you could pick someone to just “disappear” and nobody would care..who would it be?
This is so funny cuz I totally told someone that “I just wish they’d go away already” …so yeah

Have you ever written anything on a bathroom wall or door?

What drug do you do the most?
I don’t do the drugs. Only dirtbags do drugs, k? haha

Aren’t those people annoying who don’t know the difference between your & you’re and their and they’re & there , etc?

Aren’t Uggs and Crocs the ugliest shoes ever made?
Yes, but I don’t actually care. And come to think of it, I’ve seen uglier. lol

Do you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?
Nah, not really. And I don’t have enemies. I have people who are my friends, and then there is the rest of the world, which isn’t my concern. 😉




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