You Really Are Full of Yourself, Aren’t You?

22 06 2009

After a seemingly short week FULL of drama I was indirectly the star of (without choice, of course), I had a super fun weekend. Instead of going into too much detail because I am both tired and I dunno…just not that motivated to blog, here is what I did:

Friday afternoon-Went to Long Beach to do some moving.

Saturday-Moved; came back to the HD

Saturday Night-Drank too much (err..l actually closer to just enough); went offroading; explored a Bat Cave (no lie, k…there was a cave, I went in, there were bats. They were so cute and I desperately want to go back with a camera); had a bonfire; got whiplash; drank more; hit face on roll bar in ORV and got a shiner (SO HOT! haha); got home at 4am, sleep at 6am, awake at 815am (What the HELL!?)

Sunday-VERY tired. Ate Carrows skillet for breffies; came home to hang out w/ family; picked up Maya from her dad’s; still sleepy.

So yeah, that was a great way to spend my weekend, with good places, good people, good drinks, & good fun! šŸ™‚




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