20 Questions

26 06 2009

So here’s what I did… I follow a girl called Lorraine aka TheCurrentCustom on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAhU41-UF0M and she posted a vid on her youtube channel of a 20 questions that she wasn’t tagged but decided to tag herself. I’m taking it to another level by semi-tagging myself and posting a blog w/ answers to the same questions… so here goes! πŸ™‚

1.What can you not leave the house without?

I can not leave the house without shoes. I do NOT walk around barefoot, having dirty feet grosses me out. It is a lot of work to live in the desert and have soft clean feet at the same time, so shoes are necessary. lol Other than that, my purse (gloss, palm, keys, wallet, etc)

2.Favorite brand of makeup?

I am definitely not picky because I like to try new products and colors, etc but I would have to say that with everything I have tried, I can count on one brand to always have a similar item if I can’t find the exact one I want, and that’s MAC.

3.Favorite flower?

Tulips. I’m Dutch, so I think I was either born with or brainwashed to like them best. πŸ™‚ Black Tulips are some of the prettiest with their super dark purple tones.

4.Favorite Clothing Store?

I usually buy dresses and staple pieces at Nordstrom, but I sick to cheaper clothes for “trendier” articles of clothing cuz I know I will wear them like 10 times or less and be “over it”. So Target is my fav. for that kinda stuff. I also order basics like black beaters and tees at http://store.americanapparel.net/

5.Favorite Perfume?

It’s good to mix perfumes so you don’t walk around smelling like someone else, but I ❀ Miss Dior Cherie

6. Heels or Flats?

I absolutely LOVE heels and I wear them every chance I get but I would say I wear flats more just cuz that’s what I wear when I’m at home or just running to the store, etc.

7.Do you make good grades?

I am not in school but like Lorraine, I’m getting an A in life. lol

8.Favorite colors?

Dark Grey is by far my fav. to look at. I like it in photos, movies, on walls, carpet, clothing, eyeshadow, I just love it. Other than that, red, and dark purple. I’m pretty classic in that sense I guess.

9.Do you drink energy drinks?

On occasion, yes, but I’m not a fan of the super ridiculously high sugar content and the flavors…well, meh. But I basically limit how much of those I consume.

10.Do you drink juice?

Yes. It’s not that good for you, but it’s so yummy! I love V8, and apple juice, although apple juice gives me tummy aches, and so does orange juice with added calcium. I prefer HOMEMADE or Naked Orange and Apple juices.

11.Do you like swimming?

I am not a HUGE fan of swimming. I will swim, but I’m never the one to suggest swimming. I don’t go in the ocean either… I have tried and I want to but Iiii dunno, not really my stylo I guess.

12.Do you eat fries with a fork?

I rarely even eat fries, and the only thing I eat them with is MAYO, k?

13.Favorite Moisturizer?

Aveeno…for body. Burt’s Bees for face.

14.Do you want to get married?

I can see myself married I guess but not for a while. I’m not really ready to settle down just yet.

15.Do you get mad easily?

Sometimes. It really depends on what happened, but in either case, I get mad and I get over it in like 5 mins so it never affects my life. I don’t like to stay mad, just talk it out and get it over with, or let it go. It’s such a waste of time to be mad.

16.Are you into ghost hunting?

Nope. I am not sure if I do or do not believe in ghosts, but I don’t go hunting for them. πŸ™‚

17.Any phobias?

I have a somewhat severe phobia of other people’s driving, by this I mean being in the car with someone while THEY are driving. I just have panic attacks and don’t trust anyone’s driving. I don’t care who you are, if I know you, and I have been in a car with you, it’s 99% likely I have been scared of your driving. Other than that, not really. I don’t like bug at ALL, but I wouldn’t call that a phobia, that’s pretty standard for girls, haha.

18.Do you bite your nails?

No, but I used to… it was terrible. I think I was just stressed out or unhappy or something. Now I have nice long, strong, pretty nails. πŸ™‚

19.Have you had a near-death experience?

Not really.

20.Do you drink coffee?

Yes, yes, yes! I love it. I like strong, black, iced coffee. Mmmms!



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