21 09 2009
I have been MEANING to go through 5 or 6 boxes that are in my room/closet for two weeks now. I am pretty mad at myself for not having gone through them yet. These boxes are going to be moved OUT of my bedroom and into a storage shed to create room in here. Having this free space will allow me to bring my treadmill into my room and actually USE it. It’s been outside and it’s like 95 out there. I would just run out there in 95 degree weather but I don’t sweat like a normal person. My body has to be like 100 before I even start to glisten. It’s a blessing and a curse. I never get like gross sweaty but at the same time, sweating has it’s purpose. ANYWAY, back to the point… I am sitting here, typing away and to my right are these nagging boxes.
Let me tell you why I haven’t just turned my chair to the right and started going through these nagging boxes. A few months ago I rearranged my entire room. When I did so, I moved the boxes from one side of the room to the other, which put them in front of my closet doors. Maya decided one day that she needed to get INTO the closet [insert gay joke lol jk] and as she did, she climbed on TOP of the boxes causing two of them to bust open on one side. This totally pissed me off cuz I told her NOT to climb over them, and NOT to go into the closet in the first place. You can imagine my frustration, I’m sure. Kids are dumb sometimes.
Anyway, now I have to take everything OUT of the boxes, repair the boxes, then put everything back INTO the boxes. I need a Motrin just thinking about how much of a pain this is gonna be. In the process I have to sort out the “Keep”, “Donate”, & “Trash” of these. I should take pics. I think I should for one reason… to look at next time I decide to procrastinate. As of right now these boxes are more like a pile of boxes and junk that someone just THREW into my room. It’s THAT bad.
Dare I even mention that the boxes have a rival gang of laundry threatening them with a drive-by each day that passes that I don’t clean up their ‘hood? lol OK, bad analogy but you get the idea.
So this was supposed to be a pep talk, motivation for me to get off my ass and just DO IT! I want that feeling of personal satisfaction and the reward of walking into my room without tripping over a box…here I go. I hope.



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