Favorite Things (and a couple frustrations)

22 09 2009

So I was thinking this morning about how I love this lotion I have been using and that I should have some sort of list of things I continually buy and love, both for myself and maybe for anyone else who wants to try something new. So I will list the product, then maybe explain…

Alright, well here it is… I’m just gonna go for it, list-style:
Lotion: Suave Advanced Therapy Moisturizer
This is better than Aveeno in that it absorbs faster, I see dramatic results MUCH faster, it is not filmy, it washes off, it doesn’t “collect dirt” (nothing gets stuck to it if you touch things like some lotions where you put it on and feel like you need to wash your hands again), and it has successfully made my rough spots the softest spots on my body. The best part? I noticed that I don’t need to apply it every day. If I apply once or twice a day then not the next day, or even another few days, my rough spots STAY SOFT! So it’s not just creating a mock soft layer atop my skin to trick me into thinking it’s actually healing up… this stuff’s good! AND CHEAP! (Can’t beat cheap, k?)
Foundation: Bare Minerals
I have been using this since it was sold at Sephora… so, for years. I have always switched on and off between “regular” aka liquid, creme, powder foundations because of my stupid curiosity and desire to find something perfect. I now realize that since my skin is not having any of it! My ksin likes to just be left alone. I used to be a HUGE product junkie, but I have released those ways into the wild for some other dumb girl to find. lol I admit, trying new products still totally entices me… and I can be tricked at times into buying something with shiny packaging or something with good reviews and sometimes but rarely, with outrageous claims, but I really just use it once and give up after it makes my skin red, or blotchy, or breaks me out, or looks horrid under my makeup, or makes my makeup slide off, or or or… yeah, you get the idea. Case in point, Bare Minerals and my skin are best friends and I intend to keep it that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Lip Balm: ChapStick
Ok, again with the simplicity, I know… I’m probably boring you with all this cuz you want NEW! FUN! EXCITING! SHINY! Something that makes you look 20 in your 50’s, etc. etc. NOT going to happen, ladies, so give it UP! Honestly though, I can say that I have been a gloss addict, I have been a lip balm connoisseur, and worse… I have spent years loving the look and scent and hating the feel and the aftermath. I have never met a gloss I didn’t have a love/hate relationship with. There was SOMETHING wrong with each and every one of them. It was usually that it was too sticky or that after a day of wear, my lips were dry and peeling like crazy. GROSS! I will NOT stand for it any longer… ChapStick is and always has been my #1. There is no crazy shit going on here… it’s just ChapStick. It says what it does and does what it says and nothing is lost in translation cuz it’s clear as day. There are varieties of ChapStick but they’re all good. My ultimate favs are the Medicated Vanilla Flav. and Classic in Spearmint.
Deodorant: Degree-Fine Fragrance Collection in Sexy Intgrigue
This is by far the best scent ever to hit the deo world! It fits all my many moods and feelings which totally affect the scents I wear. The deo itself is a 10 on the performance level in my book. I don’t sweat more than the average girl so I have no need for the clinical strengh stuff they have out now, but this stuff is good even if you’re workin up a sweat. The scent stays strong enough to recognize after HOURS (a whole day) of wear… and the best part about it, they make a matching scent body spray. I’m not even gonna list my fav. scent cuz that’s it! PS If you don’t like this scent, they have two others to choose from… or you can just buy em all and switch it up. ๐Ÿ™‚
Nails: Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle (Can’t miss this in the ALL GOLD bottle)
This is BY FAR better than any method of nail growth I have ever tried. There are two reasons why I think this is, and neither probably has anything to do with the actual formula. So first of all, let me say that I was a nail biter from the time I can remember (4 or 5 yrs old maybe?) until January 2009 (yeah that’s right… THIS YEAR!). Trust me, as a former product junkie, I tried EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, including just covering my nails with ugly ass fake acrylic nails. The latter would actually break the habit on a temporary basis after I had the nails removed, but a few months would pass and I’d be biting again. It was more or less a nervous habit at that point. So to the point, this stuff requires that you apply a fresh coat every other day. That may SEEM like a PITA, but honestly, following the regime, I got into taking care of my nails and I was constantly keeping them up so I didn’t want to mess them up by biting them… then they grew!!! THEY GREW LONG! So I got into the habit of applying a coat to any nail that happened to tempt me to bite it. It wasn’t a fight. It was just me saying “nope, I don’t want wet nail polish in my mouth” LOL Now I have healthy, long, pretty, strong nails… and I hope you will too!
Teeth Whitening: Crest Whitestrips
This one will be short and to the point. I have used almost every version of these to date and found that they all worked great. The whitening lasts about 4-6 months. I had better immediate results with Rembrandt, BUT my teeth only stayed gleaming for about a month (maybe not even THAT long) and after that I have noticed that they actually got worse than before I used them, and really fast. I have also tried 5min white which I like for upkeep but don’t see any difference whatsoever, even if used daily for 20 minutes. So I will stick with what I KNOW!
Alright, there is more where those came from but I’m over it for the moment and I don’t want to TOTALLY overwhelm anyone…
In fact, I have decided to cut out the frustrations I was going to place here, completely. (Lucky YOU!) Have a great day!



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