The Things We Do

1 10 2009

I just got a call from a friend reminding me that we are supposed to get pedicures today.  This is awesome but I’m a girl and the wheels in my brain started turning and I thought I’d make note of some of the crap that I think about when “confronted” with the idea of just getting a simple pedi.

So we are going to go around 1pm.  It’s 10am right now.  I thought “I have to shower”. No big deal, right?  Riiiiiight… hehehe. Ok so then I was like “I’m gonna scrub my feet”.  I always wash them really good of course, especially since I wear flip flops in the DESERT, I HAVE to scrub them with a pumice or something once or twice a week.  That is a choice I made for comfort, I guess.  I keep SAYING I’m going to make a point to wear “real” shoes outside but in all honesty, I don’t really want to nor do I have any reason to.

Alright, at this point you’re going “ok, so scrub your feet then… whatever”.  Yes, and I will.  But this thought led me to the thought of “Why do women do crap like this?”  We are PAYING to have someone scrub our feet, clean up our cuticles, remove polish and repaint, OH and massage our feet!  So why is it that women always do things like clean up for the housekeeper?  Or wash our feet and shave our legs for the pedicurist?  I KNOW some girls roll in the shop with nasty feet and hairy legs, it’s not news to the employees, for sure!  haha

By the way… I totally just reminded myself to shave my legs.  And yes, I am THAT girl who’s gonna clean up for the housekeeper so to speak.  I don’t care.  What if I get in a terrible car accident and DIE on the way to get my toes done and the EMT not only has to pick up a severed leg from across the highway but on top of that it’s HAIRY and attached to a disgusting dirty foot?  I shouldn’t add insult to injury, right?  LOL Right.




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10 10 2009
Exposed Poet

has anyone ever told you that you look like the girl in "my girl"i saw the movie yesterday and thought of you

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