I Have Come SO Far

9 10 2009

Without going into too much history, I had a dream last night where I was 5 months pregnant at my good friend’s wedding in March 2010.  I was SO happy to be a 2nd time mom and everything in my life was perfect by my standards.  Although I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t able to get sloppy drunk with one of my friends, the exchange was worth it to say the least.  So in one corner sat Joe and Liz and I, and in another corner, my ex and his new gf.  Not at all awkward seeing as though I have made it a point to never been where they are due to the fact that we don’t get along.  In my corner, three (and a 1/4?) people who attended the wedding of two of our long-time friends with every intention to remain tasteful, respectful, and to have fun!  In their corner, 2 people who should have grown up a long time ago, talking crap about a pregnant woman, her man, and the friend she sits next to.  Wow!

SO needless to say, this dream sucked.  I already think it’s going to be awkward having to be in the same place as certain people and I have changed, and grown and created a new and better (MUCH better!) life in the past year… I guess what I REALLY fear is that somehow it will get messed up if I tread waters of the past.  I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, but it’s just one of those things.  I would never decline the invitation because although not being in the same place as people from my past is IDEAL, I wouldn’t miss the wedding of y 2 friends for the world!

What would you do?



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