Good Morning!

10 10 2009

I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at 6am so I could get Maya ready to go with my mom to the Nascar (blech!) race she won via her summer reading program.  It was a prize for a reading goal she accomplished, which is awesome!  I, of COURSE, encourage reading at home instead of T.V., video games, etc.  That is not to say we don’t have an NES, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, PSP, DS, Wii, AND XBOX 360, ok?  We aren’t some abnormal home where there are no T.V.s or video games and we just paint all day because we’re home schooled.  Nope.  And no, she is not home schooled, either.  God forbid!  And it’s pretty much frowned upon in California.  I mean, read this

Earlier in 2008 (and I know this is off-topic but I’ll make it short and to the point), they deemed home schooling basically illegal until they decided it was “fair” to let parents work as teachers under a private school “umbrella” type circumstance.  Due to the fact that they are not required to participate in standardized testing, and the parent aka teacher is not even required to be certified (much less, an actual teacher!) I wouldn’t trust just ANY parent to efficiently teach their child all they need to know to actually get into a good college, and their social skills, no matter how many soccer games, dance practices, etc they partake in, will be lacking.  The facts are this, colleges want to know your test scores.  They are a guide and proof of intelligence, you will eventually have to take some sort of test to gauge your level of education and no home schooled child will be ready for this test, or the pressure that comes with it.  Nor are they going to know how important such testing in reference to the educational institutions which they apply.  Setting them up for failure.  And lastly, I’m all for putting your kids in soccer, gymnastics, cheer, dance, crafts clubs, etc but ALL of those children have something in common, they are all being competitive or creative in ways that allow them to work as a team HOWEVER, how is your child going to learn to handle bullies on his/her own?  BIG life lesson lost in there…

Ok well now that I’m done with that little rant, and feel FREE to comment nicely (you don’t have to agree with me, but just as my opinions are not yours, yours aren’t mine so don’t try to change my mind or be an evil jerk).

Now let me get back to my original point.  I got up at 6am with 2 hours of sleep, and around 6:45am, I decided that I needed 4 shots of espresso, a spoonful of sugar, and 1/4 cup of Coffee Mate Fat Free Original Creamer over ice.  So that is what I made.  I then sat down at the computer, in full denial, and decided I’d go back to sleep after I finished said drink.  Who the hell am I fooling?  Not even myself.  By the way, it’s 7:27am and I’m still here, blogging.  I was only going to post about a paragraph, maybe just half a paragraph.  I was wrong.

I suppose that instead of sleeping, I could sit here and tell you what I plan to do today, if I had any plans.  Really though, Maya is gone for the day, so I think I’ll just sit in my room alone and enjoy the silence, or force Joe to go for a bike ride with me.  I check on the condition of my tires before I go forcing anyone to ride bikes with me.  I suppose I should be ready to do what I expect someone to do with me, right?  I want to go to Big Bear Lake [] and ride around the lake, but we shall see… maybe I’ll save that for another day.

Come to think of it, I need ideas on how to stay active on a lazy weekend… what do you do?



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