13 10 2009

Gotta love allergies, right? I can’t possibly dream of leaving a window open on a beautiful day for fear that I will be murdered by allergens! Well, I say eff it, I leave my window open, I take Zyrtec, I get a migraine. BEAUTIFUL! Then what happens? I take a 2 hour nap to kill the migraine instead of taking my Excedrin aka my new best friend.

I slept through Joe’s texts. I hate that. I love hearing from him on his way home from work… call me an enabler because I know he shouldn’t text and drive but I’m certain he does. In Joe’s defense, he is a pro by now because he’s been doing that for a while now.

My goal was to just publish a QuickPress post, but now that I’m sitting here, I remembered that I wanted to add my Google Calendar to the blog. I guess I could try that now




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