There is NO “I don’t feel like it” in Success

16 10 2009

Have you ever known a successful person to make “I don’t feel like it” a staple phrase in their vocabulary?  Probably not.  It’s just not  something you say when you envision the result you want to see from an action you take.  Most of the time, successful people just see their goal and go for it, no matter what stands in their way, they just move the obstacle aside or run right around it… nothing stopping them from getting their desired outcome!

I am not saying I never say “I don’t feel like it” or that I’m successful (yet) but I don’t let much stand in the way of what I want, either.  I definitely don’t believe in “I can’t”, that’s for sure!  I don’t like when people say “I can’t” and I really don’t like when people don’t try first before even thinking they can’t.  I see people do things even I didn’t think were possible almost every day and it only makes me more confident in what I CAN do.

Why is it that there has to be so much pessimism?  What really makes you sit down and think “I can’t…”?  I have asthma AND I smoke (I know, I know… ) and I can run til I feel like I’m gonna die, then stop for 10 seconds, and run the same distance AGAIN… and I’m still here.  I have seen a 400-lb. woman jump onto and back off of a platform stool repeatedly without breaking an ankle (or the stool) in an effort to get in shape.  These are good examples but not near death-defying acts, and people say “I can’t” to them every day.  You can, actually… you’re just lazy, or you don’t want to put forth the effort or time, you want instant gratification, you want someone to help or make it easier for you.  Nothing great was ever gained without first trying, second sticking to your guns, and third, being patient.  Everything gained feels AWESOME because you worked so hard for it, you spent precious hours on it, you wanted it SO badly and now you finally have it!

Just think… if someone gave you $1,000,000,000.00 and you earned $1,000,000,000.00, which $1,000,000,000.00 would you be more proud of?




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