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21 10 2009

Have I bothered to mention the excitement that pours into my heart when I stumble across some great furniture, a pretty dish set, some luxury linens, an ornate lamp, or a plush rug?  Just wow… I get all warm & fuzzy thinking about it!  This is exactly why I love nice hotels.  I love how when you walk in, the temperature is just cold enough but not too cold, the room smells of almost nothing but clean, every single thing has a place and is in it, the bed sheets are high-count and white, sure, but have a touch of glam like a fancy hem or something.  Everything matches and is sturdy, solid.  This is one of my favorite feelings in the world, to just be in a place that looks like nobody’s ever been there, even though they have.

Some people would argue that having a home as clean and tidy as a hotel is impossible, and maybe not even desirable.  I am OCD in that aspect.  My mom lives like there isn’t a place for anything and/or everywhere is a place for anything.  I compare myself to a beaten child.  Some children who are hit will grow up and hit their children.  Some will NEVER hit a child.  Well I was raised “messy” and I refuse to have a messy home.  I do my dishes daily, I even rinse them in hot water before I just let them sit in the sink.  I tidy my bedroom and make my bed daily.  I wash my sheets and quilt weekly.  I dust, then wash windows, then vacuum every week, in that order (dust, then wash windows to let dust settle to the surfaces if any, then vacuum it up).

I have a few other weird quirks that I chock up to spending so much time with my Oma (Dad’s mom) and Grandma (Mom’s mom) when I was young.  I like to eat off of and drink out of the “nice” dishes.  No plastic cups or plates, please.  I am not “above” them, I just PREFER to eat and drink from nice glass dishes.  Why not, right?  There is no sense in HAVING nice dishes you never use, and there is certainly no sense in using plastic anymore, we can’t even be certain it’s BPA-Free (not that I care, I’m just saying…).  Like how I just used that BPA thing as an excuse to get more of you to eat off of your fancy dishes?  I even had Maya using glasses for drinking out of by the time she was 4 years old.  You CAN teach your children not to break stuff, ya know?  It’s easy.  But that is a whole other blog post…

So now that it’s clear, I like nice sheets (I even bought Joe some nice new sheets for HIS house cuz I like sleeping on them…he has told me a few times how much better he sleeps now and I believe him).  The real reason may have been that I wanted to sleep on nice sheets at his house, but it’s a win-win because he got new (and free, for him) sheets out of the deal.  Who doesn’t like to walk into a room and have that feeling that it’s decadent and plush and beautiful and there is nothing you would do to change it?  Even the lack of dust is impressive!

The only bummer is that I have two cats that roam the outdoors freely during the day, and since we live in the desert and cats hate baths, they come home DIRTY.  And I mean dirty.  That is REALLY why I have to wash my quilt each week.  Under normal circumstance, I could wait two weeks I think.  Not to mention that one of them is ALL black, and the other is black and white, so I don’t win at ALL with them.  You might say to keep them off the bed,  but if you do, I assume you have never had cats.  THEY ARE CATS!  You can’t control them, they do what they want.  They are like having a bad roommate who sometimes wants to snuggle and be loved but then seconds later gets mad at you and hits you for being so nice.  A-holes!  haha

Well since this post has strayed SO far from it’s original topic at this point, I will bring it back around full circle with some design ideas/furniture/etc. that I fell in love with.

Ribbon Quilt

Ribbon Quilt

This quilt is just perfect to me.  The right amount of clean crisp feel because it’s bright white and decadent girly feel because of the ribbon.  I just love this!

Pattern Bent Wood Chair

Pattern Bent Wood Chair

What can I say?  A simple chair made for a vanity or casual seating but made fancy… I canNOT resist that.

Gem Bottles

Gem Bottles

And with these sitting on your vanity or counter top you get that Hollywood Glam feel.  I just love that.  All you need is a padded headboard…

Avignon Velvet BedAhhh perfection.  Goodnight.  hehe




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