26 10 2009

Publishing my goals publicly on the internet is always a good way to follow through with them.  Another good way is to tell Joe what my goal is and not to let me stray from it.  It’s nice to have a boyfriend with a spine.  He isn’t lazy and he works out about 5 days a week so since one of my goals is to run 5 days a week, he is gung-ho about running WITH me.  That is such a nice refreshing feeling, I can’t even explain it.  I like having a partner in crime so to speak.  Fitness crime?  We’ll be so hot it should be illegal?  Right.

So with that obscene amount of fitness in mind, here are a couple of my goals that pertain to running 5 days a week.

  • Create a playlist for my iPod – Talking while running isn’t something I do.  Not because I don’t like to, but because I have Runner\’s Asthmawhich is just what I call it.  It’s actually called Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA) which is basically like having asthma that bothers you most when you are exacerbated by exercise.  I would normally just assume I’m out of shape but I have been this way since I realized I had asthma when I was about 12 years old and I was in great, healthy shape from then until I was about 24.  Don’t ask about what happened after that.  I call THAT boyfriend-induced fatness.  I have since recovered.
  • Buy new running shoes – I had a pair of running shoes that I ran in on and off for 2 years.  When I moved a year ago, I threw them away because I knew their time was up.  They also never quite fit right so I wasn’t sad to see them go.  I now have Nike’s that aren’t for running.  I have abnormally high arches so as far as arch supports in shoes go, I almost never find anything that comes w/ in 1/2″ of touching my arch at it’s highest point.  I have found correctly-fitting arch supports in a pair of Nike’s ONCE.  I was 16 and goth, they were all-black, we were in love.  Since then I haven’t found a shoe that touched my arch the way those did, but I have hope.  I will try on every shoe at Big 5 until the shoe fits, so be ready, Mr. Shoe-Bringer.
  • Find a sports bra alternative – Ok, this is an ever-growing issue in my world.  And by ever-growing I mean that when I get smaller, my boobs stay large, and they even seem to be growing still.  WHY?  At the risk of divulging WAY too much information, I wear a 38DDD (aka F) in some bras, a 38G in the bras I wear most often.  With that said, I’m sure you can understand my plight.  The likelihood of finding a reasonably-priced sports bra with correct underwire support and full coverage because let’s face it, I don’t need bounce while I run.
  • HYDRATE!  This one speaks for itself.  I live in the desert, I should do this anyway, but I’ll admit that I don’t.  I try though, and now I am going to try harder so I don’t pass out trying to run 5 days a week without an inhaler.  I’m determined to beat the asthma.  I might be setting my hopes high in that aspect but if I can’t beat it I’ll try some OTC solutions like Bronkaid or Primatene Mist Inhaler. Not having health insurance means I can’t refill my prescription inhaler for cheap like I used to.
  • Control Asthma – See all above. I should have made that it’s own bullet but I didn’t.

If any of you run daily, do you have any tips?  I don’t plan to carbo load or take any supplements.  My low blood sugar means that carbs make me sleepy, and when I’m sleepy, I sleep, not run.  Bad.  I have found that if I have a nice high-protein lunch, then fun before dinner, I do the best.  I can’t be full of food or too hungry when I run or I just get distracted and don’t want to run… aka I have no motivation if tasty meals are involved.  In short, I am REALLY glad that Joe isn’t like me or we’d be sitting around having dinner and watching TV or something instead.  I just need to run through the fact that I hate running lately, and run until I love it again.  I used to love running more than any other exercise (minus the asthma, which is something I just got used to through running daily).

Well… wish me luck!  I hope maybe I inspire someone to run too.



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