Update: Goals

27 10 2009

Today, on a hunt for different ways to work out, I ran into the Fitness Magazine website.  I found a TON of good stuff there, motivation, inspiration, technique, physique… ok now I’m just being cheesy so I better take it easy.  Ok I’m done, I swear.  Anyway, so there is an “app” I guess you’d call it, that allows you to create a set of videos that pertain to the type of workout you’d like to do.  They ask you what you’d like to target, how long you have to do so (15 mins-60mins), and what type of equipment you have.  For example, I have some wimpy weights, a 3ft scarf (one of the selections available), bands, and a fitness ball.  I choose 15 mins to see what type of workout I could do in that time, and I chose every available target area.  Basically with the workouts I was given, I could do it 2-3 times a day and get a pretty good workout from head to toe. With that and running 5 days a week, you will witness the fitness take over my body in like 4 weeks.

Here is a link to MY workout if anyone wants to check it out…





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